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This is only a small selection of my favorite cannabis strains. For more, check out the Weed Reviews Section of the posts

All marijuana yields given per dense square meter of plants. Prices given in ranges and depend upon Euro/Dollar exchange rates and supply.




Smoke: Very pleasant, sweet flavor. Perhaps a little harsh on the lungs. Produces an intense, trippy high that lasts for hours. This potent cannabis indica strain has a THC content of nigh on 20%, and should not be smoked lightly! Great for outdoor trance parties where you want energy and a long-lasting up high. And yes, it does taste like bubblegum.Grow: You can grow this marijuana indoor or outdoor, but it will grow best indoor. Plants grow to 4 feet and produce a yield of around 400g. Flowers in 8/9 weeks.   

Price: $35.00 – $45.00


Durban Poison

Smoke: A sweet, earthy taste gives this marijuana strain its home-grown appeal, but it is by no means tame. Durban Poison is one of the most potent strains to come out of South Africa, one of the best marijuana growing regions in the world. A THC content of 8-15% produces a trippy up high.Grow: Durban Poison is best suited to outdoor growing, as the plants can get fairly large. They require minimal maintenance and flower in 8/10 weeks. Plant, water, harvest, smoke – it’s that simple!   

Price: $35.00 – $40.00


Northern Light

Smoke: Northern Light (or Northern Lights) is the backbone of all good indoor cannabis strains. It has a full bodied yet neutral flavor and produces a strong cannabis indica buzz. Northern Light has a THC content of 15-20%Grow: Northern Light has been specifically bred for indoor growing. It is fairly easy to grow under lights, and produces a yield of around 400g. Tight stems, close leaves and HUGE resin production make this one of the best cannabis strains to grow at home.   

Price: $25.00 – $30.00



Aurora Indica
Aurora Indica

Smoke: This is a hybrid of Afghan and Northern Light, and benefits greatly from these two potent cannabis strains. It has dense buds and heavy resin, produces a strong smoke and gets you higher than you’ll ever be off any other cannabis indica. This is the big one.Grow: Aurora Indica is best suited to indoor growing, but can be grown outdoor. Produces a yield of about 400g and if grown right will have an average THC content just over 20%. Flowers in as little as 7 weeks, and makes the most evil-looking black hash.   

Price: $35.00 – $40.00



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