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Feminized Cannabis Seeds – One of the Best

Posted by ganjafarmer on November 8, 2008

Feminized cannabis seeds are awesome for if you want to take the gambling out of growing your own pot. The particular feminized cannabis strain I’ve selected is this new one from Nirvana Shop, Kaya.

Kaya is a great weed plant for if you don’t want a whole lot of hassle, or if you’re new to indoor growing.  That being said, Kaya makes a good outdoor plant as well.  As the guys at Nirvana Shop say, this is a good one for just leaving out in the woods and coming back for it 9 months later.

Kaya has a strong earthy smell, and a very well rounded cannabis strain.  This weed plant produces quite a big bud with dark orange hairs.  But the best part about Kaya is how hardy this strain is.  It can handle a few bugs and is also less sensitive to changes in its environment than most other cannabis sativa varieties.

If this is your first time trying to grow your own pot, I would definitely recommend picking up 5 or 10 seeds of a plant like Kaya.  The fact that these seeds are feminized means that you won’t have to throw a few away when they turn out to be males. Every Kaya seed is guaranteed to germinate and produce night fat weed buds.

At Nirvana Shop you can get hold of 5 or 10 feminized Khaya seeds.  If you’re planting outdoors in the woods I’d suggest getting 10 seeds.  If you have a really small grow room maybe only get 5, cos these ladies can get pretty big!


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