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Feminized Cannabis Seeds – One of the Best

Posted by ganjafarmer on November 8, 2008

Feminized cannabis seeds are awesome for if you want to take the gambling out of growing your own pot. The particular feminized cannabis strain I’ve selected is this new one from Nirvana Shop, Kaya.

Kaya is a great weed plant for if you don’t want a whole lot of hassle, or if you’re new to indoor growing.  That being said, Kaya makes a good outdoor plant as well.  As the guys at Nirvana Shop say, this is a good one for just leaving out in the woods and coming back for it 9 months later.

Kaya has a strong earthy smell, and a very well rounded cannabis strain.  This weed plant produces quite a big bud with dark orange hairs.  But the best part about Kaya is how hardy this strain is.  It can handle a few bugs and is also less sensitive to changes in its environment than most other cannabis sativa varieties.

If this is your first time trying to grow your own pot, I would definitely recommend picking up 5 or 10 seeds of a plant like Kaya.  The fact that these seeds are feminized means that you won’t have to throw a few away when they turn out to be males. Every Kaya seed is guaranteed to germinate and produce night fat weed buds.

At Nirvana Shop you can get hold of 5 or 10 feminized Khaya seeds.  If you’re planting outdoors in the woods I’d suggest getting 10 seeds.  If you have a really small grow room maybe only get 5, cos these ladies can get pretty big!


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Weed Review – PPP

Posted by ganjafarmer on October 6, 2007

If you sit down in a coffee shop in Amsterdam and you order a spliff without specifying what ganja strain you want in it, chances are you will get PPP or something like it.

Pure Power Plant‘ was developed from potent South African indica and sativa strains to be both a great smoke and a good crop. It grows voraciously outdoors, but it can also be grown indoor. These buds can sell for top dollar, and produce an intense all-over buzz with distinctly high characteristics.

The taste is slightly sweet, with a very pleasant pine aftertaste. A square meter of PPP plants will yield up to 500 grams of potent marijuana, all in as little as 8 weeks! PPP has a high THC content (15-20%) and produces a lot of pollen if you like to collect off your buds.

PPP is definitely a social weed, good for parties and any occasion where you can’t just veg in front of the TV.

You can buy a packet of 10 PPP seeds from the White Strains Section of the Nirvana Shop. I would seriously recommend giving this one a try!


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Potent Chronic Weed Seeds on Special!

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 27, 2007

If anyone has ever smoked Jack Harrow, Purple Haze or Amsterdam Skunk they will know how valuable this marijuana is per ounce. The Nirvana Shop have taken all three of these incredibly potent chronic sativa and skunk strains and combined them to form one super marijuana plant:

Jock Horror

It is possible to grow Jock Horror seeds outdoor, but this cannabis strain is best grown indoor using hydroponics. Weed like this grown properly in hydroponics will be some of the best marijuana you ever smoke.

Jock Horror is one of the best cannabis strains out there, but not a lot of people know that it was originally derived from genetically modified super-mutant medical strains. The effect is a total lack of negative side effects like paranoia, tiredness or the munchies.

If these are some of the reasons you smoke marijuana, maybe this isn’t your herb. On the other hand, if you like a fine creation of man and nature rolled into one big spliff, Jock Horror is your ganja.

Jock Horror seeds are some of the easiest weed seeds to grow, if you know how to grow marijuana indoors. If you have yourself set up, order these seeds right away! They take between 9-11 weeks of flowering to mature (shorter by a week or two than the original Jack Harrow), and produce a moderate yield of highly potent marijuana – up to 20% THC content!

You can order Jock Horror marijuana seeds from The Nirvana Shop under the Medical Seeds section. I’ve done a lot of shopping around and The Nirvana Shop Cannabis Seedbank is by far the cheapest place to buy weed seeds.

Don’t pay over $100 for a bag of seeds that aren’t even guaranteed to germinate! These weed seeds usually go for $29.61 per packet of 10 seeds, but you can buy Jock Horror seeds at Nirvana Shop at ridiculously low prices!  This is by far the best deal you’ll find this year on some high quality sticky green, so go for it!

If you’re picky, you can also get 100% feminized Jock Horror Seeds. They’re a little more pricey, but 10 feminized Jock Horror seeds costs about as much as 10 regular seeds of anything else you can find.


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Weed Review – Hawaii x Skunk #1

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 22, 2007

Hawaii Maui WauiHawaii x Skunk #1 is a blend of one of America’s most loved cannabis Indica strains, Maui Waui, and the most potent skunk available (in this case Maui Waui). The effect is truly mind-blowing, and the best part is, you can grow this skunk outdoor!

Hawaii x Skunk #1 grows tall and bushy and produces large leaves and big buds. Flowering time is cut down to 7-8 weeks because of the introduction of the Skunk genes, but this has not seriously affected the quality.

THC content is still running strong, between 15-20%, and the high you get is distinctly up, and definitely a body thing. You can feel the top of your head start tingling from the first puff of weed smoke. The flavor is rich and pleasant – Hawaii x Skunk #1 lets you know you’re smoking weed!

As with all indoor/outdoor Indica/Sativa crosses, this weed plant is relatively easy to grow, very resilient to bugs and infections and will produce a potent yield (around 450 grams per square meter sea of green).

Buy Hawaii x Skunk #1 Seeds at The Nirvana Shop.

All Packets contain 10 seeds and are sent discretely you cannot be connected to The Nirvana Shop. Customers’ Reviews generally claim a delivery time of around 10 days after being shipped, wherever you are in the world.

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Weed Review – Big Bud

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 14, 2007

Big Bud is the ultimate all-rounder of cannabis strains. It is a mixture of cannabis indica and cannabis sativa genes, and it is bred purely for yield volume. Despite this, Big Bud actually has quite a high THC content (8-15%) and produces a high that is a delicious mix of an all over buzz and a cerebral tingle.



The photo to the right has been shrunk, but the coin in it is a quarter. Each Big Bud plant grows fairly tall (about 5 feet) and produces around 20-30 of buds that can be up to 12″ long! Big Bud is best grown indoors, but it can be easily grown outdoors. With a good hydroponics set up the buds on Big Bud can grow up to two feet in length, and each plant can produce nearly half a pound of highly potent marijuana.


Big Bud is a remarkably pleasant cannabis strain to smoke, with a smooth herb taste and very mild smoke. If you want to buy Big Bud seeds and grow Big Bud yourself, it is a remarkably easy plant to grow and is recommended for your first time growing marijuana indoor.


You can buy Big Bud seeds for around EUR 25.00 at The Nirvana Shop. Even if you live in the United States, don’t worry! The Big Bud seeds will be sent by discrete priority mail from a company that is not ‘The Nirvana Shop’, and you don’t need to worry about getting busted! All shipping is free and your big bud seeds should arrive within 7 days (allow slightly more for international delivery).


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