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Hindu Kush Weed Review

Posted by ganjafarmer on October 16, 2007

normal_era-hindu0.jpgHindu Kush is one of the world’s oldest cannabis indica strains, and it has a rich, rugged history. It is believed that Hindu Kush was the first cannabis strain brought back from the ‘Orient’ to Europe by explorers, hundreds of years ago.

Since then Hindu Kush has remained largely unadulterated, and is only occasionally bred with plants like White Widow to add potency and its rich, exotic flavor.

Despite its ancient origins, modern Hindu Kush strains are best suited to indoor growing. The Nirvana Shop have engineered a ‘Master Kush‘, which combines the best elements of Hindu Kush and potent sativa strains.

Master Kush is an excellent plant to grow indoors, as it stays short but produces high yields (around 400g per square meter sea of green). The taste is earthy and spicy, and the smoke feels a bit like hash on the lungs. The high you get is a powerful body buzz that starts in the temples and moves down, making your whole body tingle. Lasts for hours.

This brand of Hindu Kush is rich in THC (up to 20%) and flowers in as little as 7 weeks. It is relatively easy to grow, provided that you give it the respect it deserves. When you grow and smoke Hindu Kush you become part of a history that is much bigger than yourself, and that’s something to think about when you’re puffing away.

You can buy Hindu Kush Seeds from The Nirvana Shop’s indoor section for EUR 25.00 – the best price on the net!

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Weed Review – PPP

Posted by ganjafarmer on October 6, 2007

If you sit down in a coffee shop in Amsterdam and you order a spliff without specifying what ganja strain you want in it, chances are you will get PPP or something like it.

Pure Power Plant‘ was developed from potent South African indica and sativa strains to be both a great smoke and a good crop. It grows voraciously outdoors, but it can also be grown indoor. These buds can sell for top dollar, and produce an intense all-over buzz with distinctly high characteristics.

The taste is slightly sweet, with a very pleasant pine aftertaste. A square meter of PPP plants will yield up to 500 grams of potent marijuana, all in as little as 8 weeks! PPP has a high THC content (15-20%) and produces a lot of pollen if you like to collect off your buds.

PPP is definitely a social weed, good for parties and any occasion where you can’t just veg in front of the TV.

You can buy a packet of 10 PPP seeds from the White Strains Section of the Nirvana Shop. I would seriously recommend giving this one a try!


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Weed Review – Hawaii x Skunk #1

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 22, 2007

Hawaii Maui WauiHawaii x Skunk #1 is a blend of one of America’s most loved cannabis Indica strains, Maui Waui, and the most potent skunk available (in this case Maui Waui). The effect is truly mind-blowing, and the best part is, you can grow this skunk outdoor!

Hawaii x Skunk #1 grows tall and bushy and produces large leaves and big buds. Flowering time is cut down to 7-8 weeks because of the introduction of the Skunk genes, but this has not seriously affected the quality.

THC content is still running strong, between 15-20%, and the high you get is distinctly up, and definitely a body thing. You can feel the top of your head start tingling from the first puff of weed smoke. The flavor is rich and pleasant – Hawaii x Skunk #1 lets you know you’re smoking weed!

As with all indoor/outdoor Indica/Sativa crosses, this weed plant is relatively easy to grow, very resilient to bugs and infections and will produce a potent yield (around 450 grams per square meter sea of green).

Buy Hawaii x Skunk #1 Seeds at The Nirvana Shop.

All Packets contain 10 seeds and are sent discretely you cannot be connected to The Nirvana Shop. Customers’ Reviews generally claim a delivery time of around 10 days after being shipped, wherever you are in the world.

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Weed Review – Grapefruit Chronic

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 21, 2007

Grapefruit is a cannabis indica strain directly derived from the original “chronic”, if my sources are correct. It sounds delicious but in actual fact it has a rather neutral flavor, with hints of citrus here or there.

Grapefruit was a very smooth toke, but at first I thought it was a lightweight. It came on slow, but after about fifteen minutes I could tell that this was some excellent cannabis indica. With a THC content of 10-15%, grapefruit is subtle but potent. The high was a distinct indica body buzz.

From a grower’s point of view grapefruit chronic is a very low-maintenance plant, but it must be grown indoors. It produces a relatively low yield (400 grams for a 1 square meter sea of green), but it finishes flowering in under 9 weeks. It is very resistant to bugs and infections and will produce good chronic even under semi-optimal conditions. A very good plant for first time growers!

The only place I’ve found where u can buy grapefruit chronic seeds is The Grow Shop. They call it Jacky White, but it’s the same plant.

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Weed Review – Big Bud

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 14, 2007

Big Bud is the ultimate all-rounder of cannabis strains. It is a mixture of cannabis indica and cannabis sativa genes, and it is bred purely for yield volume. Despite this, Big Bud actually has quite a high THC content (8-15%) and produces a high that is a delicious mix of an all over buzz and a cerebral tingle.



The photo to the right has been shrunk, but the coin in it is a quarter. Each Big Bud plant grows fairly tall (about 5 feet) and produces around 20-30 of buds that can be up to 12″ long! Big Bud is best grown indoors, but it can be easily grown outdoors. With a good hydroponics set up the buds on Big Bud can grow up to two feet in length, and each plant can produce nearly half a pound of highly potent marijuana.


Big Bud is a remarkably pleasant cannabis strain to smoke, with a smooth herb taste and very mild smoke. If you want to buy Big Bud seeds and grow Big Bud yourself, it is a remarkably easy plant to grow and is recommended for your first time growing marijuana indoor.


You can buy Big Bud seeds for around EUR 25.00 at The Nirvana Shop. Even if you live in the United States, don’t worry! The Big Bud seeds will be sent by discrete priority mail from a company that is not ‘The Nirvana Shop’, and you don’t need to worry about getting busted! All shipping is free and your big bud seeds should arrive within 7 days (allow slightly more for international delivery).


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Weed Review – Aurora Indica

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 13, 2007

Aurora Indica is a cannabis indica strain that has only existed for the last two decades or so. It is a cross between Northern Light and Afghan, two of the most chemically potent cannabis indica strains.

Aurora Indica $29

Aurora Indica is not for the faint of heart, and produces a heavy all-over stoned feeling, nearly black hash and a pungent aroma. With a THC content sometimes exceeding 20%, this cannabis strain is highly potent and should not be taken lightly! The yield is not fantastic, only 14 ounces for a 1m squared sea of green, and the plants stay short.

Aurora Indica seeds can be grown indoor or outdoor, but will do far better indoors. If you are going to spend the money and a href=”http://www.nirvana-shop.com/affiliate/scripts/click.php?a_aid=weedneeds&a_bid=11110001&desturl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nirvana-shop.com%2Findex.php%3Fdispatch%3Dproducts.view%26product_id%3D29807″ target=”blank”>buy aurora indica seeds, you want to do them justice.

You can buy aurora Indica Seeds from the Indoor Section of the Nirvana Shop for at ridiculously low prices. Shipping is free and all marijuana seeds are shipped in nondescript personal mail envelopes with no documentation linking you to the Nirvana Shop. It’s absolutely safe!
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Weed Review – Bubblelicious

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 6, 2007

Bubblelicious SeedsI smoked this cannabis indica strain for the first time at a trance party recently, and it is now my all time favorite! The buds we bought had a distinct flavor of pink bubblegum and were very sticky and resinous. The high you get from bubblelicious is a distinct indica body buzz, but it produced hysteria and a powerful euphoria in all of us for hours. Great way to spend the first afternoon of the trance party!

Bubblelicious seeds grow well indoor or outdoor as the plants tend to reach a maximum of 4 feet. The buds are dark green with white, pink and purple resin, hairs and crystals, and make an excellent table display. The best part about growing bubblelicious seeds is that they finish flowering in as little as 8 weeks, and produce a relatively high yield for such a small plant.

Bubblelicious is moderately easy to grow, but with a THC content way up there around 20% you get a lot of bang for your buck. Not for novice smokers!

You can buy Bubblelicious Seeds from the Nirvana Shop and you get a package of 10 seeds. You might find them at a cheaper price elsewhere, but no other shop offers you free, discrete postage, so it usually works out cheaper from Nirvana Shop.


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