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What to Do if a Weed Plant Has Bugs

Posted by ganjafarmer on October 20, 2007

It’s a question that leads many stoners to these pages: what do I do if my marijuana plant has bugs? It’s a tricky one, because the yield and THC content of your plants are very sensitive to chemical balances. Bugs change this balance, but on the other hand so do chemicals to kill bugs.

The obvious answer is: go organic. I personally believe that the first line of defense should be garlic extract. This does nothing to your plants and it has a good chance of killing some or all of the bugs on your weed plant. If this doesn’t work, you’re going to have to bring in the bigger guns.

Spidermites are the most likely bug to infest your weed plant. You can spot their eggs as tiny black dots (REALLY tiny, like if they were any smaller you couldn’t see them) on the underside of the leaves. To kill these suckers, you’re going to have to buy something. I recommend Spidermite Control from The Grow Shop because it’s cheap (€12,61), totally organic and does the job even if your spidermite problem is out of control.

leafcoat.jpgFungi can also be a problem for your weed plant. Unfortunately, once fungi sets in you can only really limit its spread. However, there are some leaf sprays that you can use that also double as nutrient sprays. I found this one, Leafcoat, for only €7,16. Totally organic, prevents fungi, scares away bugs and promotes THC production. Definitely a good buy.

The bottom line with bug control in weed plants is that prevention is better than cure. I would definitely recommend picking up some of this leaf coat stuff at The Grow Shop, before bugs become a problem.

(Image courtesy of ManiacWorld)


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Some Things You Need to Grow Marijuana

Posted by ganjafarmer on October 13, 2007

For a basic look at what you need to grow outdoor marijuana, take a look at the post What Do I Need to Grow Marijuana. What follows is a look at two or three chemicals or organic solutions you need to grow marijuana successfully.

These are not entirely necessary – you can just stick some cannabis seeds in a pot, water every 2 days and wait for it to mature, but you probably won’t produce a lot, and it won’t really be worth smoking or the effort you put into it. It’s really easy, and pretty cheap, to go the extra mile and grow the best marijuana plant you can.Marijuana Germination Kit

The first thing you need is something to promote vegetation (the first stage of the plant’s growth). In outdoor plants, vegetation can take anywhere up to 3 months. The next thing you need is something that stimulates the flower growth – this will affect your marijuana yield.

To get started, what I’d recommend is picking up one of Nirvana Shop’s Germination Kits These are little sphagnum peat moss tablets that protect your seeds and provide them with all the nutrients they need for proper germination. They give your ladies the best possible start in life, and at 9 Euro, they’re well worth the extra few bucks.

Lastly, you will need something to combat bacterial infections and bugs. This can vary, but as a first line of defense I would say try garlic extract sprayed onto the leaves before you go spending any money.

All of these products to grow marijuana can be found at Nirvana Shop, the internet’s best resource for hydroponics, solutions, and anything else you need to grow marijuana. 

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What do I need to Grow Marijuana?

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 15, 2007

Here’s a list of the basic materials you will need to grow outdoor marijuana. Growing indoors is a bit more complicated, so we’ll deal with that after we’ve covered the basics.

First, go have a look at the Grow Solutions Table at The Nirvana Shop. Scroll down to the outdoor marijuana growing table. You will see that there is a long list of products that they recommend. I’m not saying you need all of this stuff, but if you want to grow high quality outdoor marijuana (and it is possible), then I would recommend using some of their products.

For a foolproof start to things, the first thing you need is the Germination Kit from Nirvana Shop. It costs 9 Euro, and it contains 10 pellets which protect and nourish your seedling weed plants.

The first thing you need is pots and soil. Use 15 liter pots and a soil that has a pH of 6.0-7.0. This is vitally important. You can get soil pH testers at your local garden store. It is also important to keep monitoring the soil’s pH throughout the plant’s life to make sure it does not go wrong. If you go for smaller pots the roots of your cannabis plant will take up all the space available and will essentially drown and suffocate.

Next you need to buy marijuana seeds from the Nirvana Seed Shop. I recommend this store for the following reasons:

  1. They are dirt cheap (seriously up to a quarter of the price of other stores, for the same seeds!)
  2. They send their cannabis seeds through “stealth mail”, which apart from sounding cool means that you can’t be connected to the order.
  3. They usually deliver in under 10 days, and their seeds are very reliable.

Sprout your seeds in cotton wool first. This is just to save you having to dig through soil to see if your seeds have germinated. Once they have sprouted plant them in a little hold the depth of one digit of your finger and cover them lightly with soil.

After this you will need at least two different grow solutions. These should be a combination of micro nutrients and organic fertilizers that the plant needs during its development. Since the first stage of the plant’s life is concerned with growing stems and leaves, you’ll need a nitro fertilizer and a plant extract. Use the plant extract first (this can be any natural plant food) and the nitrate after the first month. The idea is that you need something to promote vegetative growth, and something to promote big buds on your marijuana plant.

Earthworm humus liquid is very good for cannabis plants, but it is not entirely essential. It is important to keep the soil aerated though, otherwise your plants’ roots could become waterlogged.

During the life of your plant you might need some other chemicals to fix various problems like iron deficiency and calcium imbalance. However, if you are just a casual grower these things should not be a problem unless they are killing your plant. Always feed your plant only water during the last week of flowering.

Remember not to use any chemical pesticides, as these will destroy your THC yield. If your plant gets bugs, rather go for organic pesticides. If you have any serious concerns about your plant (yellowing leaves, weak stem, refusal to flower etc) you can consult the NEW grow problem solver at the Nirvana Shop.

For some good products to use to promote vegetation and flower growth, see Some Things You Need to Grow Marijuana

One more thing: If you are buying any items at a store that’s not online, remember never to use your credit card! Always pay cash, even for things like soil and pots, because if anything gets traced back to you and The Man starts connecting dots, your credit card records are going to be the first place they’ll look! Fortunately, this is less of a problem shopping online and buying items from overseas.

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Grow Outdoor Cannabis! The Season is Upon Us!

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 12, 2007

All you people out there in the Southern Hemisphere, this is the Ganjafarmer reminding you that it’s time to plant if you want to grow outdoor marijuana this year! September is half over, so if you want to take advantage of the best sun, get your cannabis seeds in the ground.

Here’s what you need to get yourself set up to grow outdoor cannabis in your back garden:

Maui Waui Seeds1. Order Seeds from Nirvana-Shop.com

If you want to buy marijuana seeds online, this is the cheapest online cannabis seed bank. I recommend Hawaii x Maui Waui (left) or Durban Poison as both of these are easy easy to grow outdoor cannabis strains, and both produce high cannabis yield and have high THC content. Your cannabis seeds should take about a week to arrive.

2. Get Some Cannabis Plant Food!

The little ladies have to eat, so get them an organic fertilizer like the Germination Kit while you’re at the Nirvana Shop – it’ll be a lot cheaper and more discrete than buying in a store, and they ship worldwide. Buy something general that you will be able to use for the life of your plant (except for the last week of flowering when you give it only water). For more info on what food to give your cannabis plant, check the Grow Solutions Table.

3. Head Down to the Hardware Store

Pick up some pots and good potting soil. Buy the most expensive soil you can find, it is vital! Choose a soil with a pH of around 6, and remember to keep checking your soil’s pH as you grow your cannabis plants. Since you get 10 seeds in a packed of weed seeds from the Nirvana-Shop, I would say get 5 pots if your skint, 10 if you can afford to. Otherwise you might have to go out and get more pots if more than 5 of your plants are female (which is likely given the Nirvana Shop’s seeds!)

4. Plant cannabis, Water cannabis, Wait

It takes patience to grow outdoor cannabis. Water your cannabis plant every 2 days, when the top layer of soil dries out. Try to keep it in the sun for extended periods – they don’t like sudden changes in light! Keep an eye out for bugs or spots under the leaves, and treat them immediately with an organic pesticide. Chemicals will ruin your plants!

Allow around 70 days for post-germination, 70 days for growing branches and leaves, and 70-100 days for flowering, depending on how impatient you are. Remember, if you leave planting cannabis seeds too late, or you let them flower for too long into the cold months it will have a drastic effect on the THC content!

Good luck, and happy outdoor cannabis growing!

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