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What to Do if a Weed Plant Has Bugs

Posted by ganjafarmer on October 20, 2007

It’s a question that leads many stoners to these pages: what do I do if my marijuana plant has bugs? It’s a tricky one, because the yield and THC content of your plants are very sensitive to chemical balances. Bugs change this balance, but on the other hand so do chemicals to kill bugs.

The obvious answer is: go organic. I personally believe that the first line of defense should be garlic extract. This does nothing to your plants and it has a good chance of killing some or all of the bugs on your weed plant. If this doesn’t work, you’re going to have to bring in the bigger guns.

Spidermites are the most likely bug to infest your weed plant. You can spot their eggs as tiny black dots (REALLY tiny, like if they were any smaller you couldn’t see them) on the underside of the leaves. To kill these suckers, you’re going to have to buy something. I recommend Spidermite Control from The Grow Shop because it’s cheap (€12,61), totally organic and does the job even if your spidermite problem is out of control.

leafcoat.jpgFungi can also be a problem for your weed plant. Unfortunately, once fungi sets in you can only really limit its spread. However, there are some leaf sprays that you can use that also double as nutrient sprays. I found this one, Leafcoat, for only €7,16. Totally organic, prevents fungi, scares away bugs and promotes THC production. Definitely a good buy.

The bottom line with bug control in weed plants is that prevention is better than cure. I would definitely recommend picking up some of this leaf coat stuff at The Grow Shop, before bugs become a problem.

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6 Responses to “What to Do if a Weed Plant Has Bugs”

  1. jererere07 said

    me gusto tu blog.. soy el webmaster de http://www.marihuanaloca.com

    te gustaria intercambiar enlaces?

  2. ganjafarmer said

    Thanks man, don’t speak your language 😦

    I think you want a link exchange? email me about it.

  3. duhcaptain said

    You are right about 1 thing – go with a natural cure. ANYTHING you spray on your plants will adversly affect flavor. Get ……
    LADYBUGS. You can prolly order them from a nursery. They are sold as natural pest control for soft-bodied plant-sucking pests. Store them in the refrigerator. Once a month, or as often as it takes to keep the packing most (NOT soggy) sprits them with a mist of water. But do NOT ever keep the container open for more than a minute. They wake up from hibernation FAST and will swarm out of the container on you. Sprinkle a few around the base of your plant, then pop the rest back in the fridge FAST. Too many “wake-ups” and they will die. Once you have had them for several months, let the rest of the unused ladies go free. They cant hibernate THAT long.
    Another tip: Dont sprinkle too many ladies into your growing containers. Too many lady bugs will eat the spider mites too fast, eliminate thier food supply, and the ladies will die out or leave. Then your spider mites will come back later. Moderation is best. A few spider mites must survive to keep on feeding the ladies. You may even get a few ladies that edcide to stay forever and lay eggs. But mist your plants often, as the ladies like a bit of a shower now and then.

  4. ganjafarmer said

    Shot man, that’s an awesome tip. I’ve heard of the ladybugs thing before, now that you mention it. Not the most common cure for spidermites, but probably one of the best. The ladies won’t hurt the plant at all, but then again they only really target the small wormy things. Know of any bigger bugs that kill the slightly bigger-than-spider-mite bugs?

  5. duhcaptain said

    Well, I’ve never had any problems other than Aphids or Spider-mites (and the ladybugs will gobble up the aphids like a special desert). I guess if you get bugs bigger than those, they would have to be things like caterpillars, and could probably just be picked off by hand.
    You could import ants into your growing area, ands they would attack the caterpillars, but they would also protect the aphids from the lady bugs, and end up “raising” the aphids like cattle – bang – thier go your plants. If your growing indoors, I recommend lady bugs for the small plant-sucking pests, and just hand-picking any caterpillars off. If your growing outside, then you want to get a hornets nest in your plants. They will FEAST on caterpillars – but dont ask me how to get a hornets nest. I am petrified of them. I got stung multiple times by 1 hornet years ago, and it resulted in a soar that never, ever went away (touches soar as we speak to remind self).
    Ouch – DAMN!

  6. duhcaptain said

    oh, DUH – I just remembered something (I wish we could edit, and that way I would not have to submit another post).
    Use ASIAN beetles. They look JUST like lady-bugs (except they are orange), and are closely related. BUT they bite anything – including YOU. But they are considered pests, and are not commercially available. You would have to collect them by hand. We have them thick here, and they ATTACK like mosquitoes. I was trimming my bush and was assualted by the damn things. It felt like lil tiny bee stings all over.
    I will take lady bugs anyday – besdies, they are cute. lovable, and my fav color – red.

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