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Hindu Kush Weed Review

Posted by ganjafarmer on October 16, 2007

normal_era-hindu0.jpgHindu Kush is one of the world’s oldest cannabis indica strains, and it has a rich, rugged history. It is believed that Hindu Kush was the first cannabis strain brought back from the ‘Orient’ to Europe by explorers, hundreds of years ago.

Since then Hindu Kush has remained largely unadulterated, and is only occasionally bred with plants like White Widow to add potency and its rich, exotic flavor.

Despite its ancient origins, modern Hindu Kush strains are best suited to indoor growing. The Nirvana Shop have engineered a ‘Master Kush‘, which combines the best elements of Hindu Kush and potent sativa strains.

Master Kush is an excellent plant to grow indoors, as it stays short but produces high yields (around 400g per square meter sea of green). The taste is earthy and spicy, and the smoke feels a bit like hash on the lungs. The high you get is a powerful body buzz that starts in the temples and moves down, making your whole body tingle. Lasts for hours.

This brand of Hindu Kush is rich in THC (up to 20%) and flowers in as little as 7 weeks. It is relatively easy to grow, provided that you give it the respect it deserves. When you grow and smoke Hindu Kush you become part of a history that is much bigger than yourself, and that’s something to think about when you’re puffing away.

You can buy Hindu Kush Seeds from The Nirvana Shop’s indoor section for EUR 25.00 – the best price on the net!

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6 Responses to “Hindu Kush Weed Review”

  1. sloera said

    I was weell suprise when, I saw foto of my Hindu Kush on this page.
    Hindu is very resistent plant,with heavy smoke,taste on earth
    If you want good taste and nice compact buds,live longer vegetative stage
    nice choice


  2. ganjafarmer said

    Hey thats cool had no idea this was your kush picture. Did you grow it? Looks like a fine example of a great strain. Good lookin’ bud.

  3. dejanr said



  4. peepseo said

    Ganjafarmer is right. That is good lookin’ bud.

  5. calpattypress said

    Total dreamland with this one, Hindu Kush mated with White Widow!

    Good work!

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