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Some Things You Need to Grow Marijuana

Posted by ganjafarmer on October 13, 2007

For a basic look at what you need to grow outdoor marijuana, take a look at the post What Do I Need to Grow Marijuana. What follows is a look at two or three chemicals or organic solutions you need to grow marijuana successfully.

These are not entirely necessary – you can just stick some cannabis seeds in a pot, water every 2 days and wait for it to mature, but you probably won’t produce a lot, and it won’t really be worth smoking or the effort you put into it. It’s really easy, and pretty cheap, to go the extra mile and grow the best marijuana plant you can.Marijuana Germination Kit

The first thing you need is something to promote vegetation (the first stage of the plant’s growth). In outdoor plants, vegetation can take anywhere up to 3 months. The next thing you need is something that stimulates the flower growth – this will affect your marijuana yield.

To get started, what I’d recommend is picking up one of Nirvana Shop’s Germination Kits These are little sphagnum peat moss tablets that protect your seeds and provide them with all the nutrients they need for proper germination. They give your ladies the best possible start in life, and at 9 Euro, they’re well worth the extra few bucks.

Lastly, you will need something to combat bacterial infections and bugs. This can vary, but as a first line of defense I would say try garlic extract sprayed onto the leaves before you go spending any money.

All of these products to grow marijuana can be found at Nirvana Shop, the internet’s best resource for hydroponics, solutions, and anything else you need to grow marijuana. 

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