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Weed Review – Hawaii x Skunk #1

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 22, 2007

Hawaii Maui WauiHawaii x Skunk #1 is a blend of one of America’s most loved cannabis Indica strains, Maui Waui, and the most potent skunk available (in this case Maui Waui). The effect is truly mind-blowing, and the best part is, you can grow this skunk outdoor!

Hawaii x Skunk #1 grows tall and bushy and produces large leaves and big buds. Flowering time is cut down to 7-8 weeks because of the introduction of the Skunk genes, but this has not seriously affected the quality.

THC content is still running strong, between 15-20%, and the high you get is distinctly up, and definitely a body thing. You can feel the top of your head start tingling from the first puff of weed smoke. The flavor is rich and pleasant – Hawaii x Skunk #1 lets you know you’re smoking weed!

As with all indoor/outdoor Indica/Sativa crosses, this weed plant is relatively easy to grow, very resilient to bugs and infections and will produce a potent yield (around 450 grams per square meter sea of green).

Buy Hawaii x Skunk #1 Seeds at The Nirvana Shop.

All Packets contain 10 seeds and are sent discretely you cannot be connected to The Nirvana Shop. Customers’ Reviews generally claim a delivery time of around 10 days after being shipped, wherever you are in the world.

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