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Weed Review – Grapefruit Chronic

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 21, 2007

Grapefruit is a cannabis indica strain directly derived from the original “chronic”, if my sources are correct. It sounds delicious but in actual fact it has a rather neutral flavor, with hints of citrus here or there.

Grapefruit was a very smooth toke, but at first I thought it was a lightweight. It came on slow, but after about fifteen minutes I could tell that this was some excellent cannabis indica. With a THC content of 10-15%, grapefruit is subtle but potent. The high was a distinct indica body buzz.

From a grower’s point of view grapefruit chronic is a very low-maintenance plant, but it must be grown indoors. It produces a relatively low yield (400 grams for a 1 square meter sea of green), but it finishes flowering in under 9 weeks. It is very resistant to bugs and infections and will produce good chronic even under semi-optimal conditions. A very good plant for first time growers!

The only place I’ve found where u can buy grapefruit chronic seeds is The Grow Shop. They call it Jacky White, but it’s the same plant.

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