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Color Changing Glass Pipes: Essential Smoking

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 18, 2007

Classic Spoon
Color changing glass pipes are something every stoner should have in their arsenal. They’re great to whip out at a smoke up, and everyone always wants to have a toke. So how do they work?

Color changing glass pipes typically have a clutch or air hole, just like a bong. The entire color changing glass pipe is hollow, allowing a large amount of smoke to build up inside before being released by taking your finger off the clutch hole.

There is one thing to know about color changing glass pipes: they aren’t exactly sturdy. Make sure you pick up a good case for your color changing glass pipes and always keep them in their case when not using them. I’ve broken way too many glass pipes by throwing my bag around.

Color Changing Glass PipeYou get the classic color changing glass spoon pipe, which I’ve owned many versions of. These make much better smokers than wood or clay pipes, and they change color the older they get! They might look a bit phallic, but you can’t beat a classic.

Color Changing Glass Sherlock

If you want something a little different, go for a color changing glass sherlock like this one. This is a funky red, gold and green sea critter, but Grass City’s Easy Bongs have pages and pages of these to browse, so go check them out.

All of these color changing glass pipes are available from Easy Bongs, a Grass City store. They have by far the cheapest bongs and pipes, and they have thousands of cool things to choose from!

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