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Hand Blown Glass Bongs Cheap Online

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 17, 2007

Molino Pyrex BongsWhen you walk into a headshop, hand blown glass bongs are usually the most expensive items there. This isn’t just because they’re time consuming to make – they are widely known to give the smoothest bong hits.

At Easy Bongs, a Grass City shop, hand blown glass bongs are really cheap. They go for around $16-$120 each, and usually ship in around 10 days. My favorite is this Molino Pyrex bong for around $25. Ok so it’s not real glass, but it’s a sturdy, solid product, and for the price you really can’t find a better bong. One customer reviewer said:

“I’ve been a glass waterbong toker since the seventies so i have owned a lot of them. this one puts them all to shame. smooth tokes, made very solid at a great price and fast shipping. only 11 days to S.C.”

Sandblasted Colored Bong $16.60You could go for one of these sandblasted colored glass bongs – they’re cheap, sturdy and give great bong hits. My only problem with these is that they tend to look rotten after they’ve been smoked for a while. At only $16.60 though, this is one of those bongs that everybody should own.Hand Held Glass Waterpipe $14.70

Another one of my favorites is this hand held round hand made glass bong with a marijuana leaf emblem. This little buddy fits right in your hand and delivers a long, smooth pull of smoke. For $14.70 there’s no cheaper way to impress the ladies.

You can buy hand blown glass bongs online at Easy Bongs

Caring For Your Hand Blown Glass Bong:

Hand blown glass bongs are great smokers, but they’re fragile! Remember to always be careful when handling and cleaning it. To avoid breaking your hand blown glass bong:

1. Keep your bong stored above elbow level to avoid it being knocked off.

2. When cleaning your hand blown glass bong, make sure the water is only room temperature and avoid knocking any part against the side of the sink

That’s it – Happy Smoking!

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