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What do I need to Grow Marijuana?

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 15, 2007

Here’s a list of the basic materials you will need to grow outdoor marijuana. Growing indoors is a bit more complicated, so we’ll deal with that after we’ve covered the basics.

First, go have a look at the Grow Solutions Table at The Nirvana Shop. Scroll down to the outdoor marijuana growing table. You will see that there is a long list of products that they recommend. I’m not saying you need all of this stuff, but if you want to grow high quality outdoor marijuana (and it is possible), then I would recommend using some of their products.

For a foolproof start to things, the first thing you need is the Germination Kit from Nirvana Shop. It costs 9 Euro, and it contains 10 pellets which protect and nourish your seedling weed plants.

The first thing you need is pots and soil. Use 15 liter pots and a soil that has a pH of 6.0-7.0. This is vitally important. You can get soil pH testers at your local garden store. It is also important to keep monitoring the soil’s pH throughout the plant’s life to make sure it does not go wrong. If you go for smaller pots the roots of your cannabis plant will take up all the space available and will essentially drown and suffocate.

Next you need to buy marijuana seeds from the Nirvana Seed Shop. I recommend this store for the following reasons:

  1. They are dirt cheap (seriously up to a quarter of the price of other stores, for the same seeds!)
  2. They send their cannabis seeds through “stealth mail”, which apart from sounding cool means that you can’t be connected to the order.
  3. They usually deliver in under 10 days, and their seeds are very reliable.

Sprout your seeds in cotton wool first. This is just to save you having to dig through soil to see if your seeds have germinated. Once they have sprouted plant them in a little hold the depth of one digit of your finger and cover them lightly with soil.

After this you will need at least two different grow solutions. These should be a combination of micro nutrients and organic fertilizers that the plant needs during its development. Since the first stage of the plant’s life is concerned with growing stems and leaves, you’ll need a nitro fertilizer and a plant extract. Use the plant extract first (this can be any natural plant food) and the nitrate after the first month. The idea is that you need something to promote vegetative growth, and something to promote big buds on your marijuana plant.

Earthworm humus liquid is very good for cannabis plants, but it is not entirely essential. It is important to keep the soil aerated though, otherwise your plants’ roots could become waterlogged.

During the life of your plant you might need some other chemicals to fix various problems like iron deficiency and calcium imbalance. However, if you are just a casual grower these things should not be a problem unless they are killing your plant. Always feed your plant only water during the last week of flowering.

Remember not to use any chemical pesticides, as these will destroy your THC yield. If your plant gets bugs, rather go for organic pesticides. If you have any serious concerns about your plant (yellowing leaves, weak stem, refusal to flower etc) you can consult the NEW grow problem solver at the Nirvana Shop.

For some good products to use to promote vegetation and flower growth, see Some Things You Need to Grow Marijuana

One more thing: If you are buying any items at a store that’s not online, remember never to use your credit card! Always pay cash, even for things like soil and pots, because if anything gets traced back to you and The Man starts connecting dots, your credit card records are going to be the first place they’ll look! Fortunately, this is less of a problem shopping online and buying items from overseas.

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