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Weed Review – Big Bud

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 14, 2007

Big Bud is the ultimate all-rounder of cannabis strains. It is a mixture of cannabis indica and cannabis sativa genes, and it is bred purely for yield volume. Despite this, Big Bud actually has quite a high THC content (8-15%) and produces a high that is a delicious mix of an all over buzz and a cerebral tingle.



The photo to the right has been shrunk, but the coin in it is a quarter. Each Big Bud plant grows fairly tall (about 5 feet) and produces around 20-30 of buds that can be up to 12″ long! Big Bud is best grown indoors, but it can be easily grown outdoors. With a good hydroponics set up the buds on Big Bud can grow up to two feet in length, and each plant can produce nearly half a pound of highly potent marijuana.


Big Bud is a remarkably pleasant cannabis strain to smoke, with a smooth herb taste and very mild smoke. If you want to buy Big Bud seeds and grow Big Bud yourself, it is a remarkably easy plant to grow and is recommended for your first time growing marijuana indoor.


You can buy Big Bud seeds for around EUR 25.00 at The Nirvana Shop. Even if you live in the United States, don’t worry! The Big Bud seeds will be sent by discrete priority mail from a company that is not ‘The Nirvana Shop’, and you don’t need to worry about getting busted! All shipping is free and your big bud seeds should arrive within 7 days (allow slightly more for international delivery).


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