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Grow Outdoor Cannabis! The Season is Upon Us!

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 12, 2007

All you people out there in the Southern Hemisphere, this is the Ganjafarmer reminding you that it’s time to plant if you want to grow outdoor marijuana this year! September is half over, so if you want to take advantage of the best sun, get your cannabis seeds in the ground.

Here’s what you need to get yourself set up to grow outdoor cannabis in your back garden:

Maui Waui Seeds1. Order Seeds from Nirvana-Shop.com

If you want to buy marijuana seeds online, this is the cheapest online cannabis seed bank. I recommend Hawaii x Maui Waui (left) or Durban Poison as both of these are easy easy to grow outdoor cannabis strains, and both produce high cannabis yield and have high THC content. Your cannabis seeds should take about a week to arrive.

2. Get Some Cannabis Plant Food!

The little ladies have to eat, so get them an organic fertilizer like the Germination Kit while you’re at the Nirvana Shop – it’ll be a lot cheaper and more discrete than buying in a store, and they ship worldwide. Buy something general that you will be able to use for the life of your plant (except for the last week of flowering when you give it only water). For more info on what food to give your cannabis plant, check the Grow Solutions Table.

3. Head Down to the Hardware Store

Pick up some pots and good potting soil. Buy the most expensive soil you can find, it is vital! Choose a soil with a pH of around 6, and remember to keep checking your soil’s pH as you grow your cannabis plants. Since you get 10 seeds in a packed of weed seeds from the Nirvana-Shop, I would say get 5 pots if your skint, 10 if you can afford to. Otherwise you might have to go out and get more pots if more than 5 of your plants are female (which is likely given the Nirvana Shop’s seeds!)

4. Plant cannabis, Water cannabis, Wait

It takes patience to grow outdoor cannabis. Water your cannabis plant every 2 days, when the top layer of soil dries out. Try to keep it in the sun for extended periods – they don’t like sudden changes in light! Keep an eye out for bugs or spots under the leaves, and treat them immediately with an organic pesticide. Chemicals will ruin your plants!

Allow around 70 days for post-germination, 70 days for growing branches and leaves, and 70-100 days for flowering, depending on how impatient you are. Remember, if you leave planting cannabis seeds too late, or you let them flower for too long into the cold months it will have a drastic effect on the THC content!

Good luck, and happy outdoor cannabis growing!

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