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Color Changing Bong: Magical!

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 11, 2007

Anyone who smokes cannabis should own a color changing bong at some point in their life. Not only are they great to look at, they grow and change with you and your buds, session after session.

Color Changing Bong at Grass City $95

We’ve all seen color changing pipes and color changing chalices, but how often do you come across a full size color changing bong. At Grass City’s Easy Bongs they call it a Color Changing Bubbler, but we all know what these bad boys are.

The color changing bong selection at Grass City’s Easy Bongs is pretty huge – they have 43 color changing bongs to choose from. Most of them are priced around $60-$190, which really isn’t a bad price range for a good quality color changing bong.

So how do they work? Well, the term “color changing bong” might be a bit misleading. They are made of marbled glass with crazy colors shot through. Most areColor Changing Bong at Grass City $95 in wacky shapes to make them look even more alien. As you smoke them the resin builds up, and is only visible in the clear parts of the color changing bong.

As you smoke more and more ganja through it it will change color based on what colors the color changing bong was in first place. Magic!


Some more color changing bong options available at Grass City:


ccb31.jpg ccb4.jpg ccb5.jpg ccb6.jpg
(click for larger images)


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