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Weed Review – Northern Lights seeds

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 10, 2007

Northern Lights has a reputation for being one of the most potent cannabis Indica strains in the world. It is best to grow weed like this indoors, although you can grow northern lights outdoors.

The plants produced by Northern Lights seeds have very compact buds, high flower to leaf ratios and are fairly resistant to diseases and parasites. Almost all of the world’s best Indica strains contain some Northern Lights genes.

Northern Lights follows a typical growing pattern and typically takes around 7-9 months to flower completely. Flowering time is around 9 weeks. It has a THC content of between 15-20%, and produces a strong all-over heavily stoned feeling that can last for hours and make you laugh hysterically.

Northern Lights is the amateur weed grower’s dream plant. It produces some of the best weed you will ever smoke, and it makes a lot of it. The smoke has a surprisingly neutral flavor, but the effect comes on slow. Wait a few minutes before you roll another one!

You can buy Northern Lights seeds online at The Nirvana Shop.



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