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How to Pass a Marijuana Test

Posted by ganjafarmer on September 10, 2007

At some point in your life you are likely to be subjected to a test for marijuana. This is a problem for us tokers, because marijuana stays in your body for at least 6 weeks after smoking. It hasn’t been six weeks since you last puffed the pipe, has it? I didn’t think so.

How do They Test For Marijuana?

The most common test for marijuana is the urine test, but blood or hair samples can also be taken. The best advice I can give you is you find yourself a home marijuana test kit, available at most local pharmacies. This will tell you whether or not your will pass a marijuana test.

Help! I’m being tested for Marijuana!

Ok, don’t panic! If you know a test is coming up, drink a lot of water all the time. This won’t do much, because THC is an oil, but it will reduce the chances of anything showing up on a marijuana piss test. The best thing I can recommend is to buy the 45 minute Pass Drug Test detox from PassingPissTests.com

I know it looks nasty, but it’s only $24.95 and it’s absolutely guaranteed to make you pass a marijuana test, or your money back. They say that if you fail your test they will instantly refund your money – sounds good to me! You can also buy two and get one free, if you think you might have a lot of marijuana tests coming up.


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