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Weed Review – Swazi

Posted by ganjafarmer on August 30, 2007

Swazi Seeds - $57.11Most of the world considers Swazi to be one of the most enigmatic herbs. To those who live in South Africa, it is the daily grind. Originally from Swaziland, a region made by Jah to be perfect for growing marijuana, this is one of the most powerful Sativa strains on the planet.

If this is your first time smoking Swazi, you will never be higher in your life. Your brain will completely disconnect from your spinal column, and you will actually be able to see the top of your head tingling. This sativa strain creates an intense high and an all-over body buzz. It has a strong licorice taste, and can be a little hard on the lungs.

Swazi plants can grow to 3m, and produce massive 13-finger leaves. Best grown outdoor the way nature intended, this plant takes a full 10 months to reach harvest if grown outside, but its massive yield will keep you smoking until the next batch. One tree has been known to fill a 44 gallon drum with 1 and a half foot buds. Yes, it was mine 😉

You can buy swazi seeds from the Weed Seed Shop for only $57.11 for a packet of 10 seeds, guaranteed to germinate. All seeds are sent for free via priority mail in nondescript packages, worldwide.



One Response to “Weed Review – Swazi”

  1. these seeds are great – like you say, they always germinate 100%

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