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Weed Review – Durban Poison

Posted by ganjafarmer on August 29, 2007

Durban Poison is a highly specialized cannabis sativa variety that originated in a secret garden just outside Durban in South Africa. This sativa has been circulated and grown world wide, and is famous all over Europe for it’s incredible potent, trippy high and sweet, earthy flavor.

This Durban Poison strain has been crossed with a potent Dutch skunk to give it body, flavor and strength. Durban Poison grows very tall with long leaves, and produces long compacted buds. It produces a relatively high yield (15.75 Oz per packet seeds), is best grown outdoor and presents little difficulty for a novice grower.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is available from the Nirvana Shop in packets of 5 or 10. You have the option to buy feminized seeds as well, which I would definitely recommend. All seeds are sent by priority mail with FREE SHIPPING! All weed seed packages are in discrete envelopes and ship worldwide.



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